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gardening services Streatham, SW16Our company’s professional gardening services are perfect for any type of garden, regardless of its state, size or location. If you want to give to your own a complete makeover or just a simple freshening up but never could manage to find the time, then this is your opportunity. You can find these services in the vast selection with specialized cleansing procedures our reputable cleaning company offers and book them any day you like. Whether you need a regular gardening or just maintenance, everything is included in the list.

Gardeners Streatham

Don’t ignore the obligations to your garden because like everything else in your life, it also needs constant cares and attention. It should be well-organized and perfectly clean all the time, otherwise it might not give you the results you expect. If that sounds like too much for your busy-scheduled life, then look for our company’s professional gardening services for London and reserve them as soon as possible. CleanersStreatham provide various procedures like landscaping, plant selection and maintenance, hedge cutting and design and many others.

Hourly Services
Basic Gardening (Two Gardeners) £37/h £33/h
Lawn Mowing (Two Gardeners) £37/h £33/h
Hedge Trimming (Two Gardeners) £37/h £33/h
Weeding (Two Gardeners) £37/h £33/h

“I have a tight budget and I can not afford it to hire gardeners for regular maintenance but I am happy with the service you provide. My garden looks good.” – Tilly

gardening services Streatham, SW16With them your garden will attain the simple good looks you’ve always wanted or receive a more complicated arrangement for your special taste. The weeds and pests will be also taken care of because our professional gardeners use the best specialized products against those kind of problems. They are not toxic and dangerous like the well-known pesticides and herbicides, but contain only natural ingredients which are very beneficial for the soil, the plants and even for you. They even have stronger and longer lasting effect than the store-bought substances without harming the plants structure.

Our Services in Streatham:

Deep Cleaning Streatham
Upholstery Cleaning Streatham
End Of Tenancy Cleaning Streatham
Carpet Cleaning Streatham
Oven Cleaning Streatham
After Builders Cleaning Streatham

Providing yourself with our exquisite gardening services is the best thing you can do to assure the proper and healthy development of your garden in the future. There is no need to spend hours, stuck in there working, when you can just pick up the phone and contact our call centres. By reserving our services, you will make your life easier and still provide your property with the best gardening ever. So, what are you still waiting for? Take advantage of our offer today.

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