Professional Cleaning Services in Streatham

Wouldn't be nice, if at the end of the working week you don't have to put on the rubber gloves and star cleaning the entire house? Then we have good news for you. Our successful professional cleaning company in Streatham, SW16 offers a rich variety of domestic cleaning services suitable for every home, regardless of its size and location. Perhaps you think that when we say domestic cleaning this only refers to the basic cleansing and sanitation of the property. Well, that is not entirely true because we also perform additional procedures for the home like gardening. This way by ordering only one of our services, you actually receive so much more for your money.

Services We Offer
End of Tenancy Cleaning from £94 £79
Carpet Cleaning from £26 £23
Deep Cleaning from £16 £14
Upholstery Cleaning from £18 £16
Domestic Cleaning from £12 £11
Gardening Services - Team of 2 Gardeners from £37 £33
  Now with the spring here, it is time to think about making the annual thorough spring cleaning of the house. That is the most important cleansing of your property you will do for the entire year, so better don’t take any chances. If it turns out that you can't manage to find the time to perform such an intensive task the way you want to, just call us and let our experts do it properly. With our company you will receive the best deep domestic cleaning you have ever seen. We are the most reliable collaborator in the city, and we will be at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even on the weekends and the holidays you can find us ready to deliver the required cleaning service by you. All you have to do is call or visit our headquarters in Streatham, SW16.

By reserving our professional domestic cleaning services you will ensure and prolong the life of your property in the future. A small fee is all you have to give in return, but that is an insignificant price to pay for a better looking and healthier home. With the many promotional packages and bonuses we also offer, you will have to pay even less than the usual price. Don't hesitate anymore and look for us. Our efficient domestic cleaning services will make your home shining clean again and that is a wonderful way to prepare for the spring season.

About Streatham

Streatham is located in the southwest parts of London and it is part of 2 boroughs – borough of Wandsworth and borough of Lamberth. The area is widely known among sports fans because there are a couple of teams competing in different sports such as rugby and football. There are also several places of worship, that you should definitely visit, especially if you want to see the great architecture of the churches.

There area also a couple of near railway stations but since they are not local, it might be a good idea to own a car, since it will make the transport to the railway station a lot faster and easier. The place has been through a major gentrification in the last couple of years and this is why a large amount of people prefers living there.

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