Patio Cleaning Streatham

Patio CleaningIf you have been meaning to clean your patio but you never got around to doing it, it might have become a little dirtier than you thought and cleaning it can be a challenge. We recommend you leave the job to our professional patio cleaning company in Streatham SW16 because this is what we do best and we will be glad to give you a hand.

Throughout the years we have freshened plenty of paved areas. We assure you we know everything about it. We are at your service from Monday to Sunday, so it is best to contact us in order to get more information. We would love to help you.

Jet Washing and Pressure Cleaning
Jet Washing £2.5 £2 sq/m
Patio and Driveway Cleaning £2.5 £2 sq/m
Pressure Cleaning £2.5 £2 sq/m

Patio Cleaning Services Streatham

We can assure you that the process of cleaning will be accomplished in a safe and secure manner without causing damage to your paved areas. Our patio cleaning service in Streatham is 100% safe and reliable.

What we will do:

  • Wet the paved areas
  • Use our pressure washers to loosen dirt
  • Flush away all grime
  • Inspect the areas

We trained our staff on cleaning patios with the use of pressure washers. We take all the necessary precautions so that both our workers and you are safe during the cleaning and so as not to damage your pavements and driveways. We are careful and diligent.

We have used these methods of cleaning for a very long time and we are quite skilled at applying them in making your paved areas more beautiful. Rest assured everything will be all right. We guarantee that.

“ Hey, I wanted to thank you for my super looking patio. Your cleaners did a great job cleaning it. It has it’s original colour back! I cannot believe that’s possible, but thank you very much. And I loved your economical prices the most. Great service!” – Blair

Patio Cleaners

Wooden Deck Pressure Cleaning StreathamWe suggest you take advantage of our patio cleaning service in SW16 Streatham. Not only will you freshen up your house exterior, but also get rid of bacteria and germs that could be a health threat to your family.

We assure you that we will perform all cleaning tasks to a high standard and leave your patios gleaming. You can expect high-quality results and also the best customer support service ever. Don’t be intimidated to reach us as soon as you can. Ring us up and schedule.

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